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UNICEF Responding To COVID-19 In India UNICEF has already sent critical lifesaving supplies to help India in its battle with COVID-19 and has deployed senior-level experts to the worst-hit areas to support state and local authorities.

Join UNICEF to support lifesaving supplies and services to protect families and communities in India Intensiv e care workers sing 'We Shall Overcome' before starting their shift in India, where deadly cases of COVID-19 are skyrocketing.

UNICEF and partners are continuing to support the Government of India in the acceleration of its national vaccine rollout to equitably reach all population groups.

UNICEF and partners have procured special refrigerators as part of cold chain strengthening and COVID-19 vaccine introduction in India.

While providing urgent support to the healthcare system, UNICEF has also been assisting the Government of India in ensuring critical services for the most vulnerable children continue functioning. Since the start of the pandemic, UNICEF has been working with partners in India to help stop the spread of COVID-19, sharing information with more than 660 million people on how to stay safe from the coronavirus.

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