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Why K-Dramas Have Become So Popular

K-Dramas, like many forms of Hangul media, have become incredibly popular throughout the varying tides of the Korean Wave. Through streaming services and simply being sought out through the Internet, these shows are almost as popular as the country's brand of pop music. Though once a culture far more esoteric in the eyes of the West, South Korean culture and the media which it has produced have become far more ubiquitous. With their catchy soundtracks and high production values, Korean dramas have also become incredibly popular on Netflix and other venues in recent years. Unlike a lot of American shows, Korean dramas are more short-term, with a series lasting for about 12 to 13 episodes in most cases. Another difference to these Western shows is that many K-Dramas very rarely have more than a couple of seasons. With more streaming services being created and with more of them featuring Korean media, it's only a matter of time before Hangul television becomes as mainstream as what's on AMC or HBO. KEEP READING: Marvel's Iron Fist Season 3 Plans Showed Real Promise - Far Too Late.

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